Damn this rain

Posted: February 23, 2011 in 2011, General

I wanted to go out on the SC tonight and have a bit of a blast, tweak the shock settings and get it set up for the weekend. Sadly this just isn’t going to happen, at this stage of the winter I just can’t be bothered going out when it is too wet or muddy.

I could always clamber back on the turbo (I have a new expansion pack to load to the software) but you know what? I’d rather be outside.

At least it should be drier this weekend so I guess I’ll get a couple of hours in on Saturday in preparation for a decent ride on Sunday. Roll on the spring, hurry up summer.


  1. Ross Burton says:

    So you haven’t seen the latest forecast from the BBC then? Light showers Saturday, heavy showers Sunday. 😦

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