Kona – what’s going on?

Posted: February 22, 2011 in 2011, General

I was on the ‘phone to a well known Kona dealer yesterday (not local) and too small and specialist to be Evans and it appears the UK distributor Paligap have lost the contract. Distribution in the UK will now (it seems) be based in mainland Europe. So what? you may ask. The implications are that the new setup will be similar to other major distributors and bike shops will have to commit to buy large numbers of bikes and hold them in store (as opposed to ordering what they need, when they need it). In recessionary days such as these, this may be a big ask and I predict you will see Kona becoming the preserve of the big boys such as Halfords, Evans etc. This will be a real shame if it happens because Kona make some really nice machines and in my opinion, there really is nothing like the service you get from your local bike shop (assuming it is a good one of course). With my bargain hat on, there may be some opportunities to snap up some bargains as shops move on their old stock.

A  little digging and I found this to back the story up.

O a more serious note, it means that the Kona Major Jake will probably not be available as a frameset only which is a shame as it looks like a real stormer. Geometry is different from the 2010 bikes though so it may not suit me as well as the Jake the Snake. It doesn’t matter really, as I’ll never get to find out now. 😦


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