aaaaargh! Cleats!

Posted: February 22, 2011 in 2011, General Ramblings

Don’t they drive you mad? They sit there quite happily, clipping in and out of your pedals, losing a tiny bit of metal every time and then one day, they give up and disengaging from the pedal is as easy as breathing. Solution…. new cleats, so off you go to the bike shop, internet or whatever and before too long, there you are, shoes and allen keys in front of you along with the new cleats. It is only then that you remember what happened last time. Over the year or so the cleats have been in place, they transform so that the mud, grit and remnants of every other surface you have walked on have become one with the bolts. Clean them out carefully with a small pointy thing (an o ring tool is usually quite good) apply allen key and they still won’t budge. More often than not the allen key jumps out of the bolt or if they are cheap, they just round off. Cue swearing, and even more careful application of diligent cleaning techniques. In the end they will move, you can do whatever you want to prevent it happening next time but in your heart of hearts you know that next time will be just as bad. Maybe someone needs to invent a cleat bolt cleaner which cleans and lubes the thread in one application. If anyone goes and does it remember, you saw it here first!


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