Today’s Ride – 20th February 2011

Posted: February 20, 2011 in 2011, Rides

Dan and I had planned a long road ride today, aiming at 60 miles. I wanted to plot a new course as I have done my usual 65 miler (it has short cuts so it can be pruned to a shorter distance) several times and I felt like a change.

The plan was to start riding at 8.30 and take it easy for the first 20 miles slowly building up the speed and effort. Well, two things conspired against the achivement of this goal – Dan was late so we couldn’t kick off until nearly 9 oclock and thgere was one of those curiouis phenomena – a 360 degree headwind. Wherever we rode it was into the wind, it was also pretty chilly and a gentle warm up was out of the question.

So we started this gentle ride averaging 18.9  mph and the pressure did not let up until we hit Newmarket and Duchess Drive. For those of you who don’t know Newmarket, Duchess Drive takes you away from the centre towards Kirtling up a steady rise. It is eminently rideable and not much of a challenge unless you try to ride it fast – which everyone does. It is full of false summits so you can easily pay for initial exuberance as it kicks again and again. Anyway, I am a veteran of its’ charms and Dan wasn’t so he put the hammer down and stayed comfortably away for the whole climb….damn!

A food break about 4 miles down the road saw us feeling the effects of the early pressure and the cold so when Dan asked how far it was to get back to the start I was only too glad to offer a shorter route than originally planned. The second half of the ride was lumpy, short climb followed short climb until we hit Lidgate where we had a longer climb to Wickhambrook. I let Dan lead out and sucked his wheel all the way to the top! When we approached the start/finish my legs packed in and I had an easy spin up the hill while Dan just zipped away seemingly as fresh as a daisy. I suppose being 30 odd years younger helps!

A good 45 miles then though a little disappointing that we didn’t manage those few miles extra. Maybe when it warms up eh Dan?

Tune of the ride was: Primal Sream – Movin’ on Up

Ride File – We met up at Honey Hill Farm and finished there too.


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