It’s official! I beat Richard up Lackford Lane!

Posted: February 18, 2011 in 2011, Rides

In front of cheering crowds last night (well the odd rabbit maybe) I beat Richard up Lackford Lane in a  gruelling charge for the line. My first time ever victory on the gentle but energy sapping slopes saw Richard valiantly trying to grab my back wheel as I surged ahead in an unexpected burst of energy.

To be fair to Richard, and Dan – who was left trailing in our wake, I did have a slight advantage. Last night, I took out the crosser which, after some adjustments in the week, has turned from a nice but uninspiring bike to a real trail demon. It felt just like a road bike, it was efficient, it accelerated like a rocket and went exactly where I thought it to go… al I had to do was spot a line and think about it and it was there. Awesome!

On reflection, it was a little unfair on Dan who had spent all day standing up at work while Rich and I lounged about in front of computers in our respective offices. The pace was high 14.2mph over 26 miles and he did really well to hang on as long as he did but as soon as I was let loose, the pace began to pick up and Rich kept having to call me back. The efficiency of the crosser meant that I was ambling along for most of the ride and when we got to Lackford Lane I had plenty of energy left.

A quick look back through the ride data showed a max heart rate of 182. I haven’t been there for ages and to be honest, it felt like it. It took a good couple of minutes to get my breath back at the end and Richard really wasn’t that far behind.

So, if you want to go really fast off road, get a crosser!

No ride data this time as the route was identical to last weeks.

Tune of the ride:


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