Training Ride tonight

Posted: February 17, 2011 in 2011, General

I have a training ride planned tonight with Rich and Dan, both of whom are showing me a clean pair of heels at the moment. This is the time to break out the secret weapon then. At lunch time today I will dive into the shed and convert Jake from a road bike, back into a crosser. I should be able to put them under pressure on the roads and with any luck (fingers, legs and toes firmly crossed) I may be able to stay within a few seconds on the Lackford Lane climb. The trouble is, if the bottom section is in the slightest bit soft I’ll be mullered.

Oh yes, Lackford Lane, this will be Dan’s initiation into the arcane pleasures of my most depressing bit of trail. Maybe I ought to get some speakers set up playing the Smiths, Joy Division or some of Radiohead’s more mournful tunes to set the scene. 🙂

The route will be a reprise of last week, so a quick 30 miler is on the books. I’ve got to have a chance on a crosser, I have got to………

I’m off to dig about in the parts bin for some confidence and inspiration!


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