Thetford Forest – Tightrope

Posted: February 7, 2011 in 2011, Videos
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I have about 2 hours of raw footage to edit, export etc and it will take me quite a while so I thought I’d post up a clip of Tightrope for you to have a look at. Resolution is 720p but YouTube does not do it justice. I will put the final file(s) on Vimeo. The film was shot with the Contour 1080p using a prototype handlebar mount a mate built up for me. As you can see it is steady as a rock particularly when you consider the test rig was my rigid Swift. We rode over rougher terrain too and it showed no sign of camera wobble there either.

  1. Ross Burton says:

    Wow, that’s from the weekend? The trails look bone dry. That’s probably one of the best videos I’ve seen of Thetford, the mount is working a treat. Maybe point it up a tiny bit, and I’m shocked it’s a rigid fork – on even a front susser that should be nice and smooth.

    Now I really want a Contour cam… and your secret mount. 🙂

  2. slowjo61 says:

    To be honest Ross, the rest of the footage is better. I’ll have it edited some time soon and then you’ll see how much better. We have a lot of refining to do on the mount as it really is ver 1.0 right now, a nice piece of machining but not very pleasing to look at. Once we have them sorted out they will be for sale though if there is a market.

  3. I’ve got a VHoldr (pre Contour, and HD) which has always impressed me with it’s image stabilising. I was an early adopter and bought mine before any of the mounts (other than the motorcycle helmet) were available – so I attached it to the headtube by wrapping the unit in foam (bike packaging) and wrapping it up with an old inner tube. I thought the results would be really jerky, but it was actually very smooth. (I uploaded it with very low quality)

    I now have the proper Contour helmet mount, but was wondering why you’re making your own bar mount instead of using the Contour one?

    A side effect of my original frame mount was that the foam protected the microphone and reduced the wind noise which can be overpowering. I have now taped a small bit of foam over the microphone (permanently) – a bit like those wooly microphones you see them use on windy days.

    • slowjo61 says:

      Jamie, from all the user reports I have seen, the overall impression was that the bar mount was a bit of a waste of money. Just not secure enough to provide a steady platform. The custom one that my mate built was a response to that issue and it has resolved the issue very nicely. I warrant it will be a bit more robust too!

      I have the (vented) helmet mount but it is next to impossible to get a decent picture and footage needs a lot of editing as you don’t naturally look at the trail all the time… just some of it.

  4. And yes – having the camera lower down makes the ride look a lot faster – a big disadvantage of the helmet mount. Here’s my brother using the Contour to show off his shoulder dislocation down a quick (Austrlalian) descent. It just doesn’t look as fast as it should.

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