Contour HD1080p Camera – handlebar mount

Posted: February 6, 2011 in 2011, Product Reviews
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I fitted this to the Swift yesterday and took it out for an inaugural try out. I didn’t go far, down the road, along some very lumpy fire road and back. Despite riding a rigid bike, the picture was very steady with no sign of wobble at all. I’ll be going out to Thetford this morning, probably over to Santon Downham side and back via the Gay Trail (don’t ask) which will cover almost every type of terrain. This will be the best test yet. I’ll post some clips on this entry later in the day if I get time.

Oh yes, yesterday for the first time, I noticed the slight fish eye quality to the film that others have spoken of. No big deal when you get used to it but a little weird ar first!

I am in the middle of downloading the video clips to iMovie so it will take several hours before i can even start editing but having watched  the raw footage I can confirm that the image is very stable with no sign of camera wobble at all. I rode on fire road and some very lumpy single track as well as some really buff trails (currently in perfect condition). I didn’t want to give the camera or the mount an easy ride so I fixed it my rigid 29er with a reasonable amount of pressure in the tyres. Rich and Dan were my riding companions and both have the legs on me at the moment though I don’t doubt I can edit the footage to show me on their tails all the time! I think the experiment was a success and with the camera mounted low-ish you got a really good impression of the speed we were riding at whereas mounted higher up, the impression of speed just disappears.

  1. Dan Horne says:

    haha. Mate After you left us my legs went. we managed to just make 30.9 miles. I feel a little pooped now though. when It gets warmer you will probably find it easier to ride harder. so not long now.

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