Our forests – to sell or not to sell? The vote takes place today.

Posted: February 2, 2011 in 2011, General

forest for sale
Well, today is the big day. Will the Government dispose of our forests or not? Without my MTB hat on, from a general user’s point of view, I cannot see any of us benefitting from disposal. Whether you be a rider, a husky racer, a cyclist or whatever, you have to look beyond the initial spin. How many times in the past have sales or leases been agreed with caveats that the leaseholder/purchaser later reneges on? They’ll make a good case , usually along the lines of we need to make money and to make money we have to keep the public out/off/at arm’s length. The response, oh, that’s ok then, go ahead, the political damage was avoided some time ago and we won’t lose any votes if we do it now.

I don’t care what party they are from, politicians make too many accommodations at our expense. It would be useful to try and find out how your own MP voted. I’l see if I can find something online that will help here. If your MP voted yes, he really ought to be asked some hard questions.

Here we are:

  1. Ross Burton says:

    My MP is the agriculture minister… you know, the person responsible for arranging the sale. 😦

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