Cycle Slalom

Posted: January 26, 2011 in General

Sadly, not a new sport or local event except if you live near me. The road to either side of my house is pockmarked with potholes, almost as if we have been hit by a meteor shower. Holes ranging from the size of a large mug through to ones big enough to swallow a large sized turkey (or bigger). Some are no more than an inch deep whereas others must be getting on for 6 inches down, the hardcore has broken up and is popping up on the road surface. Driving is fun (if nothing comes the other way) as you get to play slalom too but on a bike it it absolutely necessary. Hit one of the larger holes and you’ll be off and while avoidable in daylight, are potentially lethal at night. I’ll try and take some pictures but by the time I get round to it they’ll probably have been filled up well enough to last another week or two. I suppose if they are, this post will have fulfilled a purpose and all I need to do then is edit it and threaten to take pictures and the road goblins will be round to “fix” them again! How bad is it? Some fire roads are in better condition!

That’s it! I can sub contract the Timber trail crew and bill it to the council!


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