In response to the CX in the Sun Video

Posted: January 24, 2011 in 2011, Videos
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I came across this. This is more like it. The best bit? It has to be the fun the crowd is having on that muddy drop/corner combo. Every time there is a crash they howl with laughter! Brilliant

Dusk til Dawn 2010 was a bit muddy too. I took part in this, I won’t say raced because as soon as the rain set in it was just a mudfest and almost unrideable. I was walking in sections and overtaking riders who were reduced to granny rings. I baled out after a few laps with light failure. Not the best video as it doesn’t show the mud but there is a hint of what was to come!

  1. Ross Burton says:

    Oh my the muddy cyclocross event must be just minutes from one of our offices. I’m going there in March, I wonder if they have anything on…

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