Saturday ride

Posted: January 22, 2011 in 2011, Rides

Well, first off, I have failed to achieve my primary objective of providing a GPS and video record of this ride. It was raining and I have no idea how waterproof the Contour is; they sell a waterproof casing so I assume the answer has to be “not very”.

There were only two of us on the ride which started at Honeyhill Farm in Little Saxham. It was cold, wet, grey and totally uninspiring but a bracing start to the weekend. I am not sure whether I’d have had any more fun off road, Grumbles – my rotten Assos leg warmers went all Norah Batty on me again so I had to stop every now and again and hitch them up! They are nice and warm but they are now officially given the Crap Kit award as they just don’t stay up. I can do without cold patches on my legs, baggy fabric and the inconvenience they bring with them. I’l have to try and think up a modification for them so they can at least perform their function.

My ver 1.0 legs were out to play today and I was well off the pace again although by way of excuse I was running off road tyres and when we did the “roll down the hill test” I was maybe 25 to 35 yards off. We are both more or less the same size and weight and were both on winter bikes with large volume tyres, the only difference was that one bike had slicks and the other had knobbles. The moral of that story has to be CX tyres aren’t that good on the road – should have sussed that bit before really!

Anyway, the short ride was completed without drama and it was back home for a mug of tea and a long, hot shower before I trudged back to my books for some last minute revision. I’m done with learning, I am just reading through notes etc to make sure there’s nothing I have forgotten.

Untitled by slowjo61 at Garmin Connect – Details.


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