Assos Roubaix Leg Warmers

Posted: January 10, 2011 in 2011, Product Reviews
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Another mini review here. I have always been a fan of bib tights for winter riding but they do have one or two disadvantages. Primarily, bib tights are a little inflexible, it is a case of using them in the winter then chucking them in a metaphorical corner and waiting for the thermometer to drop again. Rather less prosaically, but right to the point when the need arises, is the fact that they tend to be cut quite high in the front to keep you warm etc. Fine, but when you need a pee you either have to be, shall we say, pythonesque or a contortionist? We won’t go any further but neither worked for me – particularly in sub zero tempuratures!  Regular riding mates either seemed to have long “bottoms” kept up with braces or leg warmers so I decided to experiment.

Leg warmers, think thick, opaque stockings without feet. Put them on with the tops under your short legs and ride. If you get too hot, take them off, pack them away and carry on riding. If you need a leak, just do what you normally do when wearing shorts. Perfect?

Apart from keeping you warm, what is important about leg warmers? Cut is critical, too baggy and you look like Norah Batty, too tight and they are just damned uncomfortable. Get the shape behind the knee wrong and it can be horrible.

After talking to lots of people, I decideed to eschew the pleasures of bib tights and buy leg warmers Assos Roubaix leg warmers to be precise. Rather like |Stella, they were reassuringly expensive and came with a good reputation. I have had a pair all winter and have come to the following conclusions.

The much vaunted “half leg grippers” are pants. If the grippers on your shorts are not grippy any more or the short leg has grown, you will soon find them working their way down your leg in a rather disconcerting fashion! If the short grippers aren’t hanging onto your legs like limpets and you do any walking at all, they will unceremoniously detach themselves from your skin and head down south. The only solution I can think of is to make sure your shorts are nice and new, being grippy in all the right places or nick your wife’s suspender belt! I’ll go for the former!

On the good side, the cut is fantastic, they are as warm as toast and are long enough to keep you warm right up to those important places! Next time, I’ll probably  look to another manufacturer  unless Assos get rid of the stupid half leg gripper!


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